B2B brands can use content to influence

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May 25, 2021, 3:59 AM GMT+0

Taking a crowdsourcing approach to B2B content creation can be beneficial for companies as user-generated content is usually trusted by consumers.

By developing a community of influence with content, B2B companies can not only smoothen the ongoing content creation process but also foster brand credibility and inspire organic brand advocacy. However, the crowdsourcing approach also has some cons, like oversight and required moderation of each resource.

To effectively crowdsource content, conduct interviews of industry thought leaders. Instead of asking ten questions to one individual, consider asking one question to ten renowned personalities. Host Q&A sessions on social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.  

B2B brands can also conduct contests that encourage consumers to produce videos or share images on their social channels. Reach out to industry experts for their insights on a particular topic and use those insights to print or create an ebook.

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