Boost influence using non-branded forums

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May 25, 2021, 3:56 AM GMT+0

Creating relevant marketing campaigns around consumer issues can help brands become influencers in their industry.

Building influential brands on social media channels enables businesses to become influencers themselves and collaborate with other influencers. With relevance being critical for influencer collaborations, companies should create marketing campaigns with up-to-date information and actively participate in social media conversations.

Further, creating corporate network accounts on social media can help marketers address grievances, improve customer service, build relationships and make the brand approachable. Businesses should create branded content and build a non-branded forum to discuss industry issues with people outside their niche to extend influence.

Brands must go beyond drafting content resources like corporate news, promotions and press releases, and interact with consumers on social sites to build a community and become an influencer. Engage with the brand’s community across channels to extend the brand’s influence.

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