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May 25, 2021, 12:52 PM GMT+0

This piece highlights five simple, inexpensive social media content distribution ideas that can help brands reach new audiences.

An Edelman study revealed that 40% of consumers consider a brand’s online conversational content more important that its ad copy content. So, actively engaging with social media audiences can help companies boost their online presence, create a brand image and expand the audience base.

Brands can foster long-term customer relationships through online conversations and also indicate to social media algorithms that more users are engaging with the brand on social platforms. Reuse old content and repurpose social content to reach new audiences.

Use videos and consider what people are asking on social media while repurposing content on social platforms. Companies can also explore niche channels and delivery tools like Facebook Groups, Medium, ActiveRain and Behance to reach audiences effectively. Further, conduct A/B tests to optimise ad spend strategies.

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