Retargeting PPC ads reduces click fraud

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May 25, 2021, 1:35 AM GMT+0

Adverting on social media platforms can help brands effectively reach target audiences and reduce click-frauds.

Click frauds can waste a brand's daily ad spend, as these clicks are either made by bots or people with no purchasing intent. With most click frauds being carried out by competitors or third-party publishers, assessing campaign data could help brands identify fraudulent clicks and effectively utilise ad spends.

Evaluating campaign data can further help brands identify fraudulent IP addresses and block them. With display ads being more prone to click fraud, marketers should focus on retargeting advertising, and control how ads are displayed on a publisher’s website.

Crafting targeted ads can also help reduce click frauds on PPC campaigns, as these ads would be only displayed to prospects. Tools like ClickCeasea and Oracle can help brands protect their PPC ads and prevent click fraud.

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