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May 25, 2021, 3:20 AM GMT+0

With more than three billion monthly visits, Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website in the US.

With Wikipedia maintaining an open editing policy, companies must regularly monitor their company page on Wikipedia for accuracy and recency. Keep an eye on the “View History Tab” to identify recent changes and tackle spam and negative content.

Instead of assigning an employee to edit the brand’s Wikipedia page, companies should take assistance from recognised, third-party sources. Ensure the content on the company page is verifiable, neutral and includes sources. Then make requests on Wikepedia’s Talk Page to make necessary changes.

Adding additional content on the page can help companies minimise the effect of negative content. Focus on showcasing major facts comprehensibly and in a well-organised manner. Further, describe company offerings accurately, provide a brief outline of company history and add an updated, comprehensive “infobox.”

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