Skyscraper content can help gain backlinks

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May 26, 2021, 12:45 PM GMT+0

Earning quality backlinks from high-authority websites can help establish trust, authority and eventually improve search rankings.

Start with guest blogging, reach out to resource pages, follow up on brand mentions, and publish detailed, interesting and shareable infographics to earn high-quality backlinks. Guest blogging allows brands to build strong relationships with other businesses and grow online reputation. Ensure that this content is relevant to the business and its target audiences.

Creating skyscraper content can also help gain attention from high authority websites. Look for the highest-ranking content on a certain topic on Google. Now, create skyscraper content which includes more insights than the highest ranking piece.

Skyscraper content shouldn’t be “salesy”, but useful. Brands could also point out broken links on other’s sites and offer own links as replacements to earn backlinks. This strategy is best applied for sites that are relevant in terms of content.

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