Bring agency with shared values onboard

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May 28, 2021, 3:26 AM GMT+0

Companies should collaborate with a marketing agency with which there’s a value match to minimise friction and maximise efforts.

Whether it is hiring in-house members or an external agency, value alignment is an essential element of a successful relationship, in terms of sharing beliefs, norms, attitudes and behaviours. Choosing an agency with shared values ensures better communication, aligned expectations and boundaries, synergy in daily work, and a shared respect for people’s time and approach.

Value alignment can also help both parties have a clearer shared idea about success. Misalignment in values can create stress and tensions or increase friction in workflows and processes, thereby hindering success for both parties.

Clearly set organisational values and research the potential agency to determine their values. Look for overlapping and complementary values to choose the right agency for the business.

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