Mental health campaigns must be helpful

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May 28, 2021, 1:03 PM GMT+0

Companies should consider adding a more personal touch to their mental health awareness campaigns.

Companies must look to de-stigmatise mental health care, similar to efforts being done by brands like Headspace and Starbucks, while crafting campaigns. Instead of solely voicing support for individuals, companies should consider demonstrably showing up for them.

To do this, define issue areas that require assistance, what can be done for them and who the audience in those areas is. Encourage internal stakeholders to talk to people and gather information about the organisations that receive donations from the company.

These organisational partners must be held accountable instead of blindly entrusting them to do the right job. Find grassroots-level local groups and support them with means beyond cash, like providing equipment. Listen to each story, relate to them individually and then set real KPIs to track the results.

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