Word-of-mouth marketing builds awareness

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May 28, 2021, 1:28 AM GMT+0

Identify “brand champions” to help with this from among the customer base and keep them engaged.

Despite 74% of consumers considering word-of-mouth as a major factor influencing purchase decision, only 33% of companies are gathering customer reviews and opinions. With 92% consumers trusting their friends and family’s recommendations to purchase, business must focus on word-of-mouth marketing to amplify conversions.

Build a community of consumers to increase brand awareness. Encourage customers to share their opinion about the brand and its products by incentivising them with exclusive information, early product release previews and more. Analyse customer reviews and promote them on social channels to broaden reach.

Companies should also convert the most active customers into brand advocates by rewarding them with product giveaways and keeping them engaged through tailored campaigns. Further, consistently deliver “excellent” customer experience to boost loyalty to fuel word-of-mouth conversations.  

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