Create a mobile engagement strategy

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May 31, 2021, 1:16 AM GMT+0

Mobile devices are preferred for online shopping by nearly 80% of smartphone users making it necessary for brands to focus on small screen engagement trends.

To reach growing number of online consumers effectively, companies must create micro-video clips, optimise content for micro-browsers and make websites mobile-friendly. Creating engaging micro-videos 10-20 seconds in duration with a captivating brand message can help businesses capture viewer attention, increase views and conversions.

With 85% of video content on Facebook being watched without sound, companies must add headlines, subtitles and text content to their social videos to effectively convey their brand messages. Optimise content for micro-browsers, the previews of a site in private messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Brands can increase the chances of click-throughs by optimising preview images or videos for all platforms and devices. Annotate everything throughout HTML markup. Moreover, make websites mobile-friendly to deliver friction-free user experiences.

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