B2B brands must use influencer marketing

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June 01, 2021, 1:59 AM GMT+0

Adopting influencer marketing can provide B2B businesses with both short and long-term benefits.

Having an always-on approach and creating an integrated influencer marketing campaign can help B2B companies accelerate the production and promotion of quality content. Businesses should identify the most important and relevant topics pertaining to the target audience.

Creating content in partnership with experts and influencers on those topics can help companies portray credibility and authenticity. These influencers can help B2B companies reach their prospects effectively and build trust with them.

Conducting webinars or podcasts with brand executives and external influencers can help drive differentiation and thought leadership. Co-creating content with influencers can also help improve content experiences for both prospects and customers. Influencer marketing can further help B2B companies optimise their branded content for search engines.

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