AI can help improve profitability

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June 02, 2021, 12:46 PM GMT+0

This piece cites an article in trueNorth, as per which, AI is an important aspect of data strategy for 61% of marketers.

Studies reveal that leveraging AI for business operations improves productivity and efficiency significantly. With AI becoming increasingly accessible, people are using AI powered applications like voice assistants to improve their daily lifestyle.

However, agencies can use AI to collect and analyse data effectively as well as monitor and predict trends to inform business decisions, and allocate the right budget for future campaigns. AI can help create effective ads, support in achieving business goals faster and expand audience reach.

Not only improving profitability, AI also helps companies integrate new technologies and prepare for necessary changes in the digital age. Leveraging AI can further help companies enhance their PPC marketing efforts. However, human supervision would still be necessary for the creative aspect of digital marketing.

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