Asses SoV to increase market share

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June 03, 2021, 1:10 PM GMT+0

Using Boolean data type can help B2B brands build a list of comprehensive editorial SoV searches.

By using tools like Google Trends to analyse what consumers are searching for, B2B brands can measure share of voice (SoV) in the market. Though SoV for B2B brands might not be as impactful, creating rigorous campaigns focused on SoV and capitalising on “excess share of voice” (ESoV), can drive market share.

B2B businesses can rely on their experience in selecting proper media and identifying relevant competitors to optimise SoV efforts. To set up editorial SoV, include media outlets that consumers engage with, create a custom source, and assess all terms describing the product.

Analysing SoV searches of the brand and competitors every month supported by previous SoV data can help B2B brands create an up-to-date visual trend. Marketers can use the data to calculate SoV in the market.

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