Switch to in-house marketing tactically

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June 03, 2021, 1:40 PM GMT+0

It can be challenging to move from an outsourced marketing to an in-house model but it can also be beneficial for businesses.

Moving to an in-house marketing model can help companies save money. With in-house members monitoring campaigns, brands can ensure faster response times and real-time tweaks. Moreover, companies have more control over branding while working in an in-house model, as opposed to collaborating with external agencies.

During this transition phase, companies must assign marketing channel roles to employees. Use a project management tool to ensure proper tracking of each marketing channel role. To ensure effective bargaining for ads and ad placement, companies can also ask their procurement officers and salespeople to advice marketers on bargaining.

Consider refreshing corporate branding or adding humour to marketing elements. Create a hybrid in-house and outsourced model to maintain efficient performance while also having full control over branding elements.

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