People prefer ad-free streaming platforms

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June 07, 2021, 1:07 PM GMT+0

A PwC study found 62% of the time people spent on streaming video in 2020 was on subscription-based services instead of 32% on ad-supported services.

The study shows people subscription-based streaming platforms over ad-supported ones. Despite the dominance of subscription-based streaming platforms, ad-supported services are still looking to capture audience attention.

A partner at PwC, Todd Supplee said one of the primary reasons behind the audience preference is the interruption-free experience provided by industry players like Netflix and Disney+. Supplee further added that people have a lot of options in terms of subscription-based platforms instead of ad-supported platforms.

A majority of consumers are willing to sit through ads if the subscription prices were lower. To win a larger share of the streaming market, ad-supported services should limit their ad loads while offering a more consumer-friendly ad experience.

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