Apply Big Data to PR campaigns

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June 07, 2021, 4:05 PM GMT+0

Insights derived from data analysis can help develop marketing content aligned with client’s interests and boosts word-of-mouth marketing.

Data analysis can help firms improve their Public Relations (PR) campaigns by identifying potential clients and develop optimum advertising tactics. PR professionals can employ data analytics to identify potential consumers on a granular scale, like identifying streets consumers live on and allocate ad budgets.

PR professionals can use data analysis to review existing campaigns on websites and social media pages and learn what prospects like to see, and assess ad performance. Data analysis helps pick engaging media types and informs brands of their investments in tech, like virtual marketing.

Moreover, big data can also identify sales trends helping marketers determine the execution timing for promotional campaigns and personalised marketing. Brands can leverage statistical insights gathered from campaigns via analysis to improve and plan PR marketing.

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