Buyer persona improves targeted audience

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June 07, 2021, 1:47 PM GMT+0

Interacting with well-targeted audiences helps build loyalty, trust, increase engagement, and convert prospects into repeat customers.

Brands must examine the target audience and identify issues that may disrupt marketing efforts to enhance their advertising campaigns. Brands must convert social media followers into friends to avoid falling prey to “the follower fallacy” since a higher number of followers doesn’t necessarily provide better engagement.

Integrating demographics, hobbies, spending limits, and other factors within buyer personas can help marketers optimise target audiences and convert followers into friends. Creating a customer avatar worksheet with the ideal personas can help marketers understand audiences behaviour and adapt campaigns accordingly.

Avoid excluding any demographics and assess demographics for most conversions, cost-of-acquisitions, and more to efficiently utilise marketing resources and boost performance. Expansion of the targeted audience is recommended to cover a broader range of prospects.

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