Address the customer’s brand reality

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June 07, 2021, 5:17 PM GMT+0

Companies must develop flexible marketing strategies to match the consumers brand reality.

Faced with an information overload brought about by the internet, more and more consumers are cocooning themselves in "reality bubbles" that reinforce their worldview. This has led to consumers creating their own brand reality, alienating any perspective that isn't aligned to theirs and extends to beliefs about products and companies.

Search engine algorithms like Google reinforce the self-induced brand reality and serve relevant ads based on consumers location, search history and more. As such, marketing strategies cater to individual online experiences that conforms with consumers views.

Brands further striving to tailor their messages that speak to brand prospect's reality. While brands can do little to change the consumers' self-selected brand reality, Businesses looking to expand reach should have firm values.

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