Improve positioning through brand audits

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June 08, 2021, 5:25 PM GMT+0

A brand audit is an in-depth examination of the brand that helps identify areas of improvement, assess the company’s position in the market and eventually refine the brand strategy.

Companies must conduct brand audits to identify potential opportunities and threats to their business, discover consumer perception around the brand, and better align offerings with customer expectations. Brand audits can also help companies refine their brand strategy and improve brand positioning.

Start by setting up a brand audit framework with a checklist mentioning branding elements and auditing methods. Apart from conducting user testing, marketers should analyse both historical and real-time insights provided by Google Analytics and consider metrics like traffic, page views, bounce rate and conversion rate.

While conducting a brand audit, companies should also analyse sales and social media data. They should also conduct customer polls, surveys and find out Net Promoter Score (NPS) to inform branding strategies.

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