Keep the B2B cold emails brief

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June 08, 2021, 5:21 PM GMT+0

A Boomerang study found that cold emails with a word count between 50 and 100 get high reply rates. 

Studies show that cold email marketing offers a high ROI and is one of the most profitable, effective, and underutilised sales strategies. B2B companies must verify each email address and turn off opt-out links and tracking to prevent cold emails from spam filters.

Writing a compelling and personalised subject line that evokes interest or curiosity within 60 characters can help improve email open and unique click rates. Marketers should keep their B2B cold emails short - limiting them to 100 words. They should try explaining the value in fewer words to attract readers’ attention and keep them invested.

Personalising emails with an ABM approach can further help boost ROI. But, marketers should avoid showcasing too many ideas and more than one CTA to keep readers focused and boost conversions.

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