Engage Gen Z and LGBTQIA+ on social

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June 09, 2021, 2:46 AM GMT+0

TikTok is used by 71% of LGBTQIA+ Gen Z in the US, at least daily, as per Horowitz Research.

28% of Gen Z self-identify as LGBTQIA+ out of the total 67 million teens and youth population, or Gen Z, in the US. LGBTQIA+ Gen Z and Gen Z are digital natives with 78% using social media regularly or almost daily.

56% of LGBTQIA+ Gen Z use social media to consume news, in contrast with straight Gen Z that use Facebook and Twitter instead. 76% of Gen Z overall play video games almost every day, followed by streaming video content (62%).

Moreover, 67% of Gen Z follow companies focused on socio-political issues, with LGBTQIA+ Gen Z being proactive in following these brands. Brands looking to connect authentically with Gen Z and the LGBTQIA+ community must engage with them on complex issues year-round to drive change.

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