Focus on omnichannel audience modelling

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June 09, 2021, 5:40 PM GMT+0

Deloitte Digital’s study “Delivering on the Promise Of Performance Marketing” highlights six trends that marketers must follow to stay updated.

The study states many brands have little or no access to first-party customer marketing data. Though an increasing number of brands are focusing on in-housing capability, Deloitte warns that in-housing digital media and advertising remains complicated.

Companies will need to make a significant investment to develop talent and create new internal processes necessary for building a connected in-house performance marketing execution, analytics and measurement team.  With California Privacy Rights Acts going into effect in 2023, brands should also look beyond transactions and prioritise fostering long-term customer trust.

Brands will need to re-evaluate their marketing technology stacks and partner ecosystems to streamline processes. They must move “far beyond common retargeting techniques used today” and break down organisational silos to understand and engage prospects in an omnichannel model.

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