Mobile gaming to rise in two years

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June 09, 2021, 2:17 AM GMT+0

LoopMe in collaboration with IDC recently surveyed 3,850 smartphone users across the UK, US, Japan, Germany, Brazil, and Singapore.

There has been a substantial surge in mobile gaming activity since the pandemic began, according to the report, which examined how mobile gaming activity got affected after COVID-19 subsided. 63% of smartphone users increased their play durations, particularly in countries most affected by COVID-19.

Further, the study anticipates around 75% increase in net mobile gaming activity to follow, after the “new normal” is established in the next two years. More than two in three smartphone users played mobile games in the last few months, and three in four did so to be entertained or pass the time.

4% played to engage in “safe” virtual social interactions supported by live multiplayer games. Rachel Conforti, VP marketing, LoopMe, observes, “Mobile gamers have significant general purchasing power.”

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