Product category pages boost conversions

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June 10, 2021, 7:30 AM GMT+0

Including the guest checkout option on the checkout page can help businesses drive more sales.

To provide consumers enhanced user experience (UX) on ecommerce sites, ensure the website is user-friendly and includes elements like homepage, search, navigation and more. Displaying quality pictures, sharing testimonials, contact information and categories on the homepage demonstrates the brand’s credibility and retains visitors.

Build a search bar with clear borders on every page and develop a user-friendly menu bar with relevant labels and categories to improve UX. Brands must create a category page with different product filters, clearly display prices, discounts, descriptions, to drive consumers along the sales funnel.

Being transparent about the shipping costs, delivery and returns, while showcasing reviews and product videos helps inform consumers’ purchasing decisions on product pages. Create an easy checkout process with no distractions and varied payment options to convert prospects.

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