Workflows improve content creation

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June 10, 2021, 12:32 PM GMT+0

Content planning with other teams can help marketers craft and share engaging content that drives traffic consistently.

Developing a content plan allows brands to augment marketing campaigns and target prospective consumers at all stages of their buying journeys. To create a content plan, understand the target audiences’ interests via market research and create content that resonates with prospects.

Insights gathered from consumer research can help brands understand which channels generate the most traffic and publish content on those channels. Ensure the content addresses pain points by using relevant keywords, emphasising the brand’s uniqueness, and distributing content through preferred channels to extend reach.

Building workflows across teams for content creation and figuring how content will be published is recommended to drive results. Content plans can help brands target consumers in awareness and conversion stages, and SEO optimise websites with keywords to boost search ranking.

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