Google Discovery ads extend reach

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June 15, 2021, 2:28 AM GMT+0

The Google discovery page can provide marketers with an accurate representation of ideal consumers based on user engagement.

With its sophisticated AI, Google's Discovery ads assist brands in delivering accurate and interesting ads to prospects who are likely to convert. Discovery ads, unlike "Google ads" use vibrant images to attract consumers and resolve user problems or answer their query before they type anything.

Brands may also adjust the exact keywords that appear in newsfeeds to deliver accurate ads. For one single campaign, marketers can use Google Discovery Ads to reach up to three billion people every month, advertise on the YouTube homepage, and promote on Gmail and social media.

Moreover, brands can create more relevant and visually compelling ads, and automate conversion bidding for CPAs with Google Discovery ads. Use high-quality images, limit text in images and foster trust with prospects to create discovery ads.

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