Google’s the SSP choice for publishers

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June 15, 2021, 1:43 AM GMT+0

Advertisement Perception’s survey of 151 publishing execs found that 28% of publishers use Connect ID or are looking to do so, in a post-cookie world.

Programmatic publishers use an average of six supply-side platforms (SSP) to sell inventory to advertisers, as per the report. Moreover, because publishers are rewarded for adding bidders in, SSP usage has expanded considerably.

In 2020, Google Ad Manager and Amazon Publisher Service exceeded 40% usage rate, at 74% and 49% respectively. However, other SSPs of Verizon Media, PubMatic, and more have seen above two-fifths of adoptions. Nine out of 10 publishers use private marketplaces to operate products on SSPs.

Google Ad Manager at 51% remains the most popular SSP, despite publishers experimenting with and adding different SSPs. However, non-Google SSPs are also growing, with 55% using header bidding for video ads and 22% using it for CTV ads.

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