Evoke emotions through branded videos

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June 16, 2021, 5:23 PM GMT+0

Apart from aesthetics and dynamic spokespersons, companies need a compelling story to create videos that resonate with their audiences.

This piece highlights some tried-and-tested video storytelling strategies, as shared by Bob Hitchcock – senior director of content marketing for Legal Zoom and former editorial content director for Walt Disney Parks. Hitchcock advises marketers must create videos that inform, educate and entertain their audiences.

In a video, brands should not highlight more than two or three key messages. To create a lasting impact, content creators must ensure their videos evoke emotions. They must keep in mind that videos are an emotional medium.

Avoid overloading videos with too many characters to keep audiences invested. Instead, have a protagonist and choose a location that the interviewee is familiar with. Additionally, prepare topics that matter to the target audience, rather than focusing solely on a pre-packaged set of questions.

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