Pandemic pushes influencer-partnerships

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June 16, 2021, 5:41 PM GMT+0

Top Rank Marketing’s pandemic poll found 36% of B2B reported an increase in the volume of work they have done with influencers during the pandemic.

The poll data indicates while 32% B2B marketers said they don’t use influencers, 36% have increased the volume of work they do with influencers during the global health crisis. In addition, 63% of B2B marketing professionals said they learned new skills during this period.

While asking about the most significant pain points faced by B2B marketers during the global health crisis in a Twitter poll, none reported remote work issues. Instead, decreased budget/business, followed by the struggle to engage customers, were identified as the top issues faced by B2B marketers during the pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, most marketers have shown acceptance of the long-term feasibility of remote work. 40% of marketers said Search & Social would be their most crucial post-pandemic business marketing strategy.

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