Empathetic marketing improves UX

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June 17, 2021, 3:20 AM GMT+0

Include functionality like site accessibility to inspire other marketers and set a benchmark for user experience (UX).

With search engines like Google developing new techniques to assess UX and a site’s functionality, creating a positive UX helps consumers achieve their online goals. Rather than just focusing on performance metrics, search marketers must develop empathy and create websites with easy navigation.

Understanding how consumers perceive the site and being inquisitive about their experience can help marketers develop sites with improved UX. However, brands must challenge their assumptions to discover things they have in common with audiences, and craft browsing experiences based on those traits to streamline UX.

Gathering insights from consumers via website usability testing can help marketers understand user journeys and improve site functionality. Empathising with beliefs and values of other personas and competitors helps enhance UX for PPC campaigns, SEO strategies and more.

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