Lo-fi video ads drive engagements

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June 17, 2021, 2:27 AM GMT+0

Featuring real people and their stories in lo-fi advertising can help brands enhance engagement and drive sales. 

Leveraging low fidelity (lo-fi) videos with “deliberately unpolished quality” can help brands enhance the performance of their marketing campaigns. Low-fi videos are creative, authentic, relevant, and original, and the trend of lo-fi has been accelerated since COVID-19, with low-fi videos being shared across social apps.

Creating lo-fi advertising campaigns that are mobile-shot with added gifs, stickers and text overlays can help marketers adapt to a platform’s native style and connect with audiences. With lo-fi ads using interactive tools like video, polling, augmented reality filters, brands can leverage lo-fi videos to connect with various cultures and communities.

Businesses can effectively convey accessibility and relevance to potential consumers with lo-fi advertising.  Dunkin, for example, used Instagram Reels to showcase its products in relatable yet unexpected ways.

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