Rethink supply chain for sustainability

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June 18, 2021, 3:11 AM GMT+0

Acknowledge past mistakes and work towards improving them to augment sustainable campaigns.

Markets are shifting to promote growth-oriented brands that are pivoting towards environmental and social good products and campaigns. With 88% of consumers wanting brands to help them with their sustainable lifestyles, business would do well to create sustainability programs.

Establish a diverse set of goals and ensure dedication to those goals, while keeping consumers informed about the efforts to earn their good will and build trust. Brands must leverage complex data sets to weave credible stories to inform consumers about substantiality efforts and get them invested in their campaigns.

Promoting sustainable products, crafting narratives around the product manufacturing process and integrating those stories with the brand’s core strategy further builds trust. Businesses must consider restructuring their supply chains and eliminating production processes that generate waste to boost sustainability efforts.

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