Build an own influencer database

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June 21, 2021, 5:19 PM GMT+0

With more brands looking to take their influencer marketing in-house, building an influencer database can help businesses amplify their ROI.

Having an influencer database can help companies keep track of their influencers, better manage influencer marketing campaigns and ultimately boost influencer marketing ROI. A simple way to build an influencer marketing database is to adapt the existing Customer Relationships Management (CRM) system for influencers instead of customers.

Companies can use Excel spreadsheets, CRMs or social CRM systems like Nimble to build their own influencer database. Start with existing influencers and include all crucial information like contact details, social profile URLs, account metrics and past campaign performance statistics.

Marketers should further consider tagging or scoring influencers and rank them according to their importance. They can also use tools like Carro to find out hidden influencers that are already part of their customer database, email list or social following.

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