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June 21, 2021, 4:16 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests 25 ways how ecommerce companies can use social proof on their websites.

Social proofs like customer testimonials help establish trust among the customers. A Nielsen study found that while 92% of people trust a recommendation from a peer, 70% of people also trust a recommendation from someone they do not even know.

Businesses should use real-time stats on their websites - showing how many people are visiting the site or the number of purchases currently underway. Highlighting these statistics can not only help companies highlight social proof but also add urgency into the mix.

Creating case studies, also known as long-form social proof, can support ecommerce companies to become more credible in the customer's eyes. For example, if the brand has ever been mentioned on any media, take those excerpts and paste them on the company website to establish authority.

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