Social media is useful for public sector

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June 21, 2021, 9:28 AM GMT+0

Adoption of social media has improved the understanding of public communicators regarding citizens’ needs.

Public-sector communicators could do well to interact with audiences and convey messages via social media channels. According to the survey, since the COVID-19 outbreak, 61.4% of school district and higher education responders reported an increase in followers and 60.9% saw enhanced engagement for their social media presence.

Also, public communicators benefited from social media activities, with 83.5% having better-informed citizens and 60% being able to control rumours. Using social media to engage the public led to a better understanding of citizens' needs, boosting positive feelings, enhancing positive press, and more.

However, staffing and support at 33.3% remain a major challenge for agencies and districts, followed by compliance with record laws (25%) for social media adoption. Other challenges include buy-in on social media benefits (16.7%), record law compliance (25%), and more.

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