Use ReCAPTCHA to build safe email lists

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June 21, 2021, 2:04 AM GMT+0

Validating email lists in bulk frequently can help brands verify email authenticity and improve deliverability.

Building a trustworthy and healthy email list can help businesses boost ROI and improve their email marketing campaigns. Use a double opt-in method, wherein subscribers provide email addresses through sign-up forms and then confirm their consent to receive newsletters via links in their emails.

This ensures an email list is most engaged and prevents emails from getting sent to the spam folder. Installing ReCAPTCHA for sign-up forms can help brands connect with genuine people, rather than spam bots and computer programs, which can sign-up using fake email addresses.

Brands can prevent malicious sign-ups and protect email campaigns against fake and unsafe email addresses with ReCAPTCHA. Implementing an email validation API protects mailing lists from fake email sign-ups in real-time, and helps build healthy email lists.

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