Measure SEO’s influence on revenue

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June 22, 2021, 5:33 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests how marketers can measure, track and find out SEO’s impact on their B2B company’s revenues.

Companies should create segments for their commercial pages to measure commercial intent traffic in Google Analytics. Marketers should observe the traffic trends in their analytics dashboard and make a note of them.

Marketers can also use tools like Ryte to track traffic trends and aggregate data into individual reports. To make sense of the data, pull monthly data from one of the selected goals and create a chart by putting the data in a spreadsheet. Take a note of points like the average number of monthly clicks.

Marketers can use Google Analytics or CRMs like Salesforce to aggregate the conversion data. To get the commercial value of SEO, divide the number of SQLs by the number of commercial-intent clicks. Further, consider the number of clicks needed per qualified lead.

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