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June 23, 2021, 2:10 AM GMT+0

Playable ads coupled with rewarded content can help app developers drive conversions and increase retention rates.

Playable ads have grown immensely popular among advertisers to attract and acquire new users. Playable ads’ immersive and interactive “try before you buy” format allows developers to showcase the best part of their apps to attract new prospects and convert them.

With gaming apps switching to monetisation models like IAP+IAA hybrid, to convert prospects, playable ads have discovered newfound success in mid-to-hardcore gaming apps. Gaming brands looking to leverage playable ads must include elements like a quick tutorial, gameplay, and call-to-action in their ads to retain users.

However, playable ads are often time-consuming to develop and require iterating and A/B testing if produced manually. Understand how audiences interact with ads and their preferences, breakdown gameplay, and leverage creatives to create highly-interactive playable ads.

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