Pay more attention to Instagram in 2021

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June 23, 2021, 5:12 PM GMT+0

Instagram marketing’s potential reach has increased significantly this year, with its users rising by 76 million in the last quarter alone.

To improve the Instagram marketing plan and amplify ROI, marketers must first list all their objectives. They should then research their target audience, which is necessary for building relevant, contextual, and compelling content that resonates with their prospects.

Post behind the scene clips and images to tell stories about the workplace, storefront or manufacturing process to the followers. Companies can also create text-based photos and quotes, post videos, how-to content or promote user-generated content to establish credibility and authenticity.

Commenting, following or liking the content of other profiles in the niche can help marketers engage with others in the community and expand their reach. To further reach users beyond their follower base, companies can consider leveraging influencer marketing or using Instagram adverts.

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