Quality customer service drives traffic

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June 24, 2021, 2:09 AM GMT+0

Combine paid ads with other lead generation tactics to drive site traffic.

An ecommerce company’s website pulling in more traffic improves its online visibility and helps create a stronger presence in the online market space. Creating a blog post section on the site and populating it with relevant and interesting content opens up sales opportunities.

Begin optimising a site for search by identifying the search terms the website already ranks high for. Simultaneously, ensure the site’s page load speed is ideal and that the site contains a schema. Further, ecommerce businesses could leverage influencer marketing to reach target audiences.

Encourage existing customers to bring in traffic by sharing referrals with their friends and family. To have them do this, incentivise existing customers with giveaways. Additionally, site visitors can be urged to return by offering quality customer service through chatbots, live chat and clear FAQ pages.

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