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New Ideas in MarketingEssential news for marketers, summarised by YouGov
June 24, 2021, 3:08 AM GMT+0

Survey the audience to find new content marketing angles.

For a company’s content to stand out among everything else in the market, it must be unique. For content to be unique, content marketers must look to bring a newness to it. In terms of ideas, marketing content must rely on exhaustive research to find something new and avoid content being a mere “paperweight.”

Discover the target audience’s awareness levels and create content that matches those levels to avoid offering information that may be repetitive to them. Add in information that’s currently missing.

Ensure copies are factually correct, cite proper sources where relevant and craft content that flows well and is easy to understand. Any claims being made in marketing content must be substantiated to build the brand’s authority and credibility.

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