Adjectives in headlines are humanising

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June 25, 2021, 2:06 AM GMT+0

Include specific words, match users’ search intent, and test different versions to craft effective headlines.

Writing effective headlines entails attracting readers, piquing their interest enough for them to click on it, and accurately describing the expected content. With an average website getting nearly two-thirds of its traffic from Google, marketers should craft headlines with Google searchers in mind.

Before writing a headline, decide on a format like listicles, How-to, tutorials, and more, and evaluate top-ranking pages via SEO tools to write headlines with targeted keywords. Marketers must avoid creating headlines that are clickbait, and ensure they are relevant to the topic.

Add differentiating words like “for” followed by a benefit to demonstrate the top angle for headlines. For example, “Best protein powder” can be followed by “For you”. Incorporate adjectives or figures of speech to “make your headline human.”

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