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June 25, 2021, 5:34 PM GMT+0

With Google postponing their plans to block third-party cookies until 2023, advertisers could shift gear in ad testing budgets.

The delay could allow advertisers to pull back money allocated to testing cookie-less targeting approaches. Mediastruction’s founder and CEO Marylois Snowman, said this extra time would give advertisers and agencies the ability to understand real-time metrics needed in a post-cookie world and focus on building models around them.

Though advertisers can decrease testing budgets now, they should continue testing plans to be prepared for the cookie-less world. Meredith Digital’s COO Nicole Lesko said the additional time “should help publishers maintain CPM stability and quell some of the more immediate concerns around readiness”.

This delay can also push advertisers to re-prioritise or shift focus from cookie-less targeting. Further, they can also stop distinguishing between Apple and non-Apple audiences and create custom groups to test cookie-less approaches.

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