Cookieless web encumbered with concerns

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June 28, 2021, 9:34 AM GMT+0

Third-party cookies ban delayed following regulatory concerns.

Google postponed the transition to a cookie-free web until 2023, driven by disagreements over methodology and regulatory concerns about Privacy Sandbox. Despite Google's claims of FLoC-ads reaching 95% of the accuracy of cookie-based targeting, the technology faced opposition from corporations like Amazon and others.

Wayne Blodwell, CEO of The Programmatic Advisory, states, “There are many skeptics over the Privacy Sandbox and there are many unanswered questions”.  However, Google agreed to a regulatory oversight after being scrutinised by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority and similar inquires in the US.

Many in the industry are concerned about how Privacy Sandbox proposals could reduce the need for publishers as an intermediary and make it difficult for marketers to analyse campaign performance. Sparrow Advisers’ Ana Millecivic, says the extended timeline shows that there are “too many unknowns to work through.”

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