Focus on ID-less targeting solutions

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June 28, 2021, 11:41 AM GMT+0

Until third-party cookies phase-out, advertisers and publishers must work together to sync their first-party data sets.

Google's announcement to postpone the elimination of third-party cookies until 2023 will provide advertisers with buffer time as they prepare for a cookieless web. The delay will allow advertisers to “wait and see”, as technology partners develop new ways to acquire first-party data.

Also, advertisers can engage in industry forums like WRC to PRAM to discuss how to navigate a cookieless web with the extra time. Integrating publisher data and contextual targeting to test cookieless ads, and Privacy Sandbox solutions will help advertisers work with Google’s privacy changes.

Advertisers must adopt a publisher mindset and leverage data to provide more value to users and a better experience to collect first-party data. Using existing solutions to measure metrics like reach is recommended until new solutions are developed by ad-tech companies.

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