Improve data quality to boost marketing

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June 28, 2021, 5:49 PM GMT+0

Around 30% of email information becomes outdated in only a year because of obsolete and erroneous data.

While most companies focus on writing a compelling email copy as a strategy for lead generation and customer retention, they must remember emails are only as effective as the data that drives them. Moreover, data inconsistency can cause multiple problems like duplicate email messages.

Focusing on data quality, constantly reviewing records and eradicating redundancies, duplicate, or inaccurate information can help marketers avoid problems caused by inaccurate data. Keeping email contacts secured and up-to-date can further help marketers segment audiences and target audiences effectively with personalised emails per customer preferences.

Quality data can also help provide marketers with valuable insights necessary for planning and optimising marketing campaigns. With access to high-quality, accurate data, businesses can use email campaigns to reach the right audiences at scale and improve customer relationships.

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