Use snark to create entertaining content

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June 28, 2021, 5:36 PM GMT+0

Snark can make the branded content more relatable and portray an authentic brand.

Businesses should leverage snark to add humour to their content and directly call out customer frustration and its annoying aspects, making the content more relatable and making customers feel understood. Companies should consider adding snark to content that addresses customer problems.

Using snark in content for platforms like TikTok and blogs can prove beneficial for brands, highlighting their authentic side. While TikTok users and influencers have mastered snarky content based on shared experiences, content marketers need to follow them down this road.

Marketers should always make sure that their snark is relevant to their topic. The snark must be on-brand, and it should always feel genuine. They should also read the room and observe people’s reaction to the snark to avoid potential brand mishaps.

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