Boost page CTRs with visual hierarchy

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June 29, 2021, 12:55 PM GMT+0

Using primary and secondary keywords in content helps improve landing page SEO and boosts search ranking.

Building standalone web pages known as landing pages for specific marketing campaigns can help brands effectively capture leads, increase click-throughs and drive conversions. To create landing pages, craft tailored content aligned with audience demographics and segment prospects based on purchase intent.

Writing compelling headlines and content copies with value propositions, adequate information, social proofs, and CTAs can attract prospects and drive clicks. Employ visual hierarchy with consistent colours, logos, and fonts to design mobile-friendly and easily navigable landing pages. It also improves ease of use.

Assess metrics like unique pageviews, average session duration, bounce rates, page speed and more via analytics tools to optimise landing page experience for customers. Opting for paid media like display and social ads improves landing page awareness, extends reach, and drives sales.

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