Use Facebook global pages structure

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June 29, 2021, 5:42 PM GMT+0

Global page structures allow brands to provide users with a single URL, automatically showing them the appropriate page based on their region or language settings.

With Facebook slowly rolling out "global pages structure", companies can explore this option to localise their marketing. Though these pages are currently limited to big brands only, smaller businesses can soon switch to global pages. But, marketers must first define their buyer persona to plan localisation strategies effectively.

After specifying specific regions or languages for prospects, brands can create relevant market pages within the global structure targeting particular regions or languages of potential buyers. But, marketers should ensure their targeting strategy on Facebook matches their overall digital strategy.

Localise digital ads and websites in the same way as global pages to offer a seamless flow of content. Further, create localised Facebook groups and target Facebook ads to specific markets to localise marketing effectively.

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