Brands should automate their emails

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June 30, 2021, 5:52 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests tips and strategies that marketers can use to boost their email marketing conversion rate.

Marketers should consider using segmentation to amplify email marketing conversion rates. For example, instead of sending random messages, businesses should thoroughly read their customers’ buying history, buyer persona and other details like demography to deliver the right message to the right person.

Studies show that segmentation alone has recorded a 760% increase in ROI in businesses that choose to group emails by customer data rather than sending random messages to customers. Combining segmentation with automation can help companies effectively and consistently send personalised emails. Businesses can generate over 320% more revenues by automating their emails.

To further conversions, create a sense of urgency and FOMO with the help of CTAs. But, marketers should ensure all branded emails are optimised for mobile devices. For example, using a single-column layout and limit subject lines to 35 characters.

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